Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance

Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance


The Insurer shall be liable for:

  • Deaths, injuries or property damage other than those specified in insurance contracts to the third party by motor vehicles,
  • Deaths and injuries of passengers as a result of motor vehicle accidents prescribed in contracts of carriage.
24-hr claim

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Insurers shall not be liable for any damage incurred in the following cases:

  • The vehicle owner, driver or victim intentionally causes damage to himself / herself,
  • The driver or vehicle owner deliberately runs away from his/her civil liability after the traffic accident,
  • The driver does not obtain a driving license or obtains an inappropriate driving license. Where the driver whose driving license is temporarily or permanently withdrawn, shall be considered as driving without driving license,
  • Traffic accidents results in indirect consequences: decreases in commercial value, or losses associated with the use of damaged property,
  • Property is stolen or robbed in the traffic accident,
  • Wars, terror attacks or earthquakes,
  • Loss or damage of special property including: gold, silver, and gemstones, valuable papers such as money, antiques, valuable paintings or pictures, dead bodies or corpses.