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Since ancient times, the Japanese have created many traditional objects with the desire to bring good things and good luck: Omomari charms, Senbazuru paper cranes, Koinobori carp flags… As a Japanese general insurer in the 4.0 era, we at MSIG brings you PicnicEasy Insurance - a mixture of tradition and modern technology and an indispensable companion which brings good fortune along every trip.

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In every trip, unexpected situations and troubles may unfortunately await us. With MSIG PicnicEasy, every step you take is fully protected. With coverage up to 100 million (VND), what else could make you feel more secure?

Enjoy your trip to the fullest

With prices starting from 15K (VND), MSIG PicnicEasy "fits" right in your travel budget. The modest fee eases your worries on cost, allowing you to just enjoy the trip in your utmost comfort.

Take your time to explore the world

Buy MSIG PicnicEasy online with ease using your preferred devices and get covered within minutes. Because you can buy travel insurance just a few hours before departure, you have all the time in the world to best prepare for your dream trip.

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MSIG PicnicEasy is always there to accompany you, wherever you are, whenever you need.


Insurance certificate is digitally signed and sent to your registered email within minutes.

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Outstanding purchase experience with MSIG PicnicEasy either using a personal computer, a tablet, or your favourite mobile phones.

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Forthcomingly we have plan to travel, and would like to study about the travel insurance package.

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As an insurance company that sees the heart in everything, we are committed to help consumers and businesses cope with risks to protect what they care about. This promise is backed by the financial strength, committed partners, dedicated service, and prompt and fair claims settlement that comes with more than 100 years of industry and market expertise.

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Frequently asked questions

You can download the claim guideline here or call us at 0888 176 198 within office hours for direct assistance.

Please remember to attach all relevant supporting documents listed in our guidelines for the record.

Every claims should be informed by writing or submitted the hardcopy to MSIG Vietnam's office within maximum 30 days from the date of loss.

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  • 0888 176 198

    Monday to Friday (office hours)
    Excluding Public Holidays

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