Motor Vehicle Package Insurance

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The Insurer shall compensate moto vehicle owner for physical damage resulting from unforeseen accident and out of control of the Motor vehicle owner, in the following event:

  • Collision, overturning, falling,
  • Fire, explosion,
  • Natural perils: Storm, typhoon, flood, landslide, lightning, and earthquake, hail,
  • Theft of entire vehicle,
  • Other fortuitous accident,
  • Bodily injury to the driver and passengers when those people travelling on, getting on, getting out the vehicle, and
  • All sums including claimant’s costs and expenses which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay in the event of accident caused by or arising out of the use of the Motor Vehicle.
24-hr claim

24/7 Worldwide Travel Assistance:+84 28 3535 9505

24-hr claim

Motor Claims Hotline:+ 84 88 886 6276

24-hr claim

Customer Service:0888 176 198


Loss of or damage arising out of the following cases are excluded from this insurance:

  • Intentional action for accident of the Owner or the Driver,
  • Vehicle having not certificate of technical safety and environment inspection; Vehicle without left light,
  • Driver has not qualified driving licence; Driver having the content of alcohol, liquor or beer, which exceeds the limit stipulated by current law,
  • Vehicle carrying combustibles and explosives illegally (without any transport permit or transporting not in accordance with the provisions of the transport permit),
  • Accidents occur outside the territory of the S.R of Vietnam.

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