Latest Products & Packages

Liability Insurance

Manage your legal liability arising from daily business operations.

Cyber Risks Insurance
  • Provide coverage for business in case of IT forensic investigation costs, response costs; restoration costs; and extortion loss
  • Provides coverage for losses relating to and arising directly from the breach of confidentiality and privacy

Marine Insurance

Whether you are engaged in the import /export trade or simply having your goods to be in local transits, our Marine Cargo Insurance policy can provide protection to you against loss or damage to your assignments. We provide basic covers to importers and exporters and can also provide comprehensive, tailor-made Marine Cargo policies to suit particular trading terms.

Pleasure Craft/Yacht Insurance
  • This is product specially designed for boat owners
  • Provides coverage for hull and machinery, material, as well as liability of vessel owner
  • Contact with dock or harbour equipment or installation, land conveyance, aircraft

Property Insurance

From your premises to the machinery and assets within, leave nothing uncovered with our range of Insurance plans.

Online Purchase Protection Insurance
  • With the large increase in online transactions, this insurance covers for banking account holders against damage/loss of items purchased online via their banking accounts due to robbery and physical damage
  • This insurance can be arranged by banks as an additional service for their customers
Terrorism & Political Violence Insurance
  • To indemnify the Insured for property damage to insured property, and/or business interruption, arising costs, caused by Act of Terrorism, Sabotage, Riots, Strikes, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution, War and/or Civil War
  • This special coverage is subject to specific requests for the Insured