MSIG Personal Accident (PA) Insurance



We will pay you for Injury: 

  • Death due to accident
  • Permanent loss or disablement due to Accident 
  • Medical Expense due to accident

Product highlights

  • Coverage up to VND 100,000,000
  • Premiums from VND 11,000/month


This insurance does not cover:

  • The Insured Person being under the influence of drugs (other than those prescribed by a registered Medical Practitioner but not when prescribed for the treatment of drug addiction)
  • The Insured Person engaging in any trade, technical or sporting activity or as crew in connection with an aircraft
  • Injury caused by suicide, self-injury or willful exposure to peril (other than in an attempt to save human life)
  • The Insured Person engaging or practicing hazardous sports; professional sports; mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of guides or ropes; underwater activities necessitating the use of compressed air or gas
  • The Insured Person engaging or practicing in any kind of race (other than on foot or swimming) or trial of speed or reliability potholing
  • Pregnancy or childbirth
  • Insanity
  • Any pre-existing physical or mental defect or infirmity