Golfer’s Insurance

Golfer’s Insurance


The Insurers will be liable for:

  • Liability to the public: The Insurer shall compensate for legal liability related to loss or damage of accidental bodily injury to any person or property; and all costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant against the Insured, caused by the Insured whilst and as a consequence of playing or practising golf, on any golf course located in the Geographical Area stated in the Policy,
  • Personal accident: The Insurer shall indemnify for Bodily injury sustained by the Insured caused solely by violent accidental external and visible whilst within the boundary of any courses in the Geographical Area for the purpose of playing golf or practising golf on any golf course,
  • Golfing equipment,
  • Personal effects,
  • Hole in one celebratory rewards.


The Insurers will not be liable for:

  • Exclusion of any accident occurring outside the Geographical Area,
  • War and Terrorism exclusion,
  • Asbestos exclusion.

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