Terms of Provision of Insurance products in the network environment

Attaching and forming an integral part of the Insurance Contract/Policy issued by MSIG Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited.


Article 1. Transaction Agreement

1. The insurer (hereinafter referred to as "MSIG") and the policyholder and the insured (collectively referred to as the "Customer"), acknowledge and agree that insurance products under this insurance contract are provided in the network environment, using electronic transaction methods on websites,  sales e-commerce websites, websites providing e-commerce services or applications installed on electronic devices of MSIG and/or legally insurance brokers/insurance agents of MSIG (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Apps").
2. Insurance contracts/insurance policies (hereinafter referred to as "Insurance contract") entered into in the network environment in accordance with this Terms of Provision of insurance products in network environment (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") and wordings, terms and conditions of insurance products shall have legal effect for the Parties.
3. MSIG is not responsible for any information or transactions provided on the Application, except information about insurance products, wordings, terms and conditions of MSIG and Insurance Contracts that the Customer concludes with MSIG through the Application.

Article 2. Provide information for transactions

1. MSIG is responsible for providing Customers with accurate, complete and up-to-date information about insurance products, including but not limited to, insurance benefits, premiums, wordings, terms and conditions of insurance and other information for entering into insurance contracts.
 2. The Proposal Form (if any), questionnaire related to the insured risk (if any), terms and conditions, insurance wordings, documents summarizing the wordings, terms and conditions  of insurance and the insurance Certificate or insurance policy or other forms as prescribed by law are integral parts of the insurance contract between the Customer and MSIG. In all cases, the provisions in the Insurance Contract or any documents provided by MSIG will always prevail if there is any discrepancy with the information provided on the Application.
3. Customers have the right to agree or disagree to the purchase of insurance through the Application after carefully reading and understanding the information about insurance products provided by MSIG.
4. Customers are obliged to provide, fully, exactly and truthfully declare all information related to the Insurance Contract at the request of MSIG.

Article 3. Method to express the consent

1. An insurance contract shall only take effect if the Customer expresses its consent in accordance with this Terms .
2. The Customer's consent when purchasing insurance on the Application in the network environment can be indicated by checking the box displaying "consent" or equivalent word expressing consent, the consent syntax expressed on the message/email sent from the phone number/email address registered with MSIG (or the legal representative of MSIG), technical settings of consent or other forms in accordance with laws.
3.  MSIG's agreement to enter into an insurance contract is expressed by the issuance to the Customer of a written proof of entering into the contract certified by signature and sealed by the legal representative of MSIG. MSIG reserves the option of using a digital signature or signature in another form shown on the proof of entering into a contract. For clarity, MSIG is only responsible for insurance contracts entered into by MSIG issued from the Apps.
4. The Customer is deemed to have received the Insurance Contract when the Application recorded that the insurance contract/insurance certificate has been successfully sent to the Customer's email/account. The Customer is responsible for promptly notifying MSIG in case of failure to receive the Insurance Contract in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

Article 4. Possible risks when purchasing insurance products in the network environment and responsibilities of the Parties

1. The Parties acknowledge and accept risks that may occur in the process of providing and using insurance products in the network environment, including but not limited to:
  • The Service is suspended, interrupted, delayed or failed to perform or the recorded information is false or not recorded due to inconvenience, delay, interruption, error of the Application or related third party service;
  • The service provider system is attacked, penetrated, or illegally controlled by viruses, computer worms or other harmful software, systems, elements.
  • The transaction is carried out by spoofed accounts, impersonated, or conducted by unauthorized persons;
  • Data lost, stolen or unauthorised disclosure, or leaked to third parties due to failures, malfunctions, loss of control of the Application or service of relevant third-party;
  • The content of information displayed on the App is edited, replaced, or deleted by a third party without the consent of MSIG or its partners/legal representatives.
2. MSIG hereby commits to take necessary and reasonable measures within its permissible capacity to limit risks that may arise when providing products and services in the network environment. However, MSIG shall not be liable for losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, suffered by Customers that are not the fault (whether intentional or unintentional) of MSIG or are completely beyond MSIG's control (including but not limited to force majeure events, objective obstacles in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code).
3. Customers are responsible for securing and safeguard their accounts, usernames, passwords, authentication codes, biometric identification signs, phone numbers, email boxes and other means used for the purpose of entering into and performing insurance contracts with MSIG; do not leave such information, property is illegally used by a third party; and immediately notify MSIG if it detects that this information or property has been exposed or used illegally.
4. Notwithstanding any other provisions in the Insurance Contract, MSIG will only be liable for compensation for actual direct damages arising from MSIG's acts, and excluding indirect, consequential damages from direct damages suffered by Customers.

Article 5. Declare information, contact

1. The Customer hereby undertakes and agrees that:
a) MSIG may send the Insurance Contract, Endorsements to the Insurance Contract, information/notices related to the Insurance Contract to the Customer's email address/phone number/account available on the Application. Any information and documents that MSIG receives from the Client's email/phone number/account will be deemed to have been legally confirmed and sent by the Client. In the event of any changes related to the Customer's email/phone number/account available on the Application, the Customer must promptly update them, and shall be fully accountable for failing to update or failing to promptly update these changes.
b) All information, documents and data that have been and will be provided/declared to MSIG (collectively referred to as "information") are accurate, complete and up to date. Any inadequacy, incompleteness, inaccuracy, illegality of the information may result in the Insurance Contract being terminated, canceled, denied claims settlement.
c) All organizations/individuals who are data subjects/information owners declared/provided for the purpose of entering into the Insurance Contract have legally consented and authorized the Customer to disclose information on their behalf and accept the provisions herein, and consent to MSIG and/or third parties processing their data for the purposes of entering into an Insurance Policy and claims settlement. At any time at the request of MSIG, the Customer shall promptly provide MSIG with a written statement expressing the consent of the data subject/information owner to the contents as prescribed in this Article.
2. The settlement of claims under the Insurance Contract (including but not limited to sending claim dossiers, sending notices of claim settlement and other relevant notices and communications) may be carried out through electronic means including websites/applications connected to the Internet or other telecommunications networks.
3. MSIG reserves the right to use claims settlement support services and other related services of third parties to carry out claims settlement through electronic transaction methods. In all cases, MSIG will be responsible to the Customer for the claims settlement decision.
4. By sending electronic copies of documents and proofs related to claims settlement to MSIG through the Application, Customer undertakes to be complete, accurate, true, legal and up-to-date of these documents and proofs, compensate for damages incurred to MSIG and is legally responsible if there is any fraudulent act,  fraud in relation to these documents. In case of a dispute about sending/receiving information/notifications, the data stored on the Application will be considered as original data and prevailed.
5. Notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms, MSIG reserves the right to request the Customer to provide original documents and proofs for the purpose of preventing and minimizing losses; verification, claims settlement; resolving customer complaints and disputes; compliance control, risk management,  audit; and inspect, examine and explain to the competent state agencies.

Article 6. Payment related to products and services provided in the network environment

1. The Parties agree that payments arising from insurance services and products provided in the network environment may be made via electronic transaction methods in accordance with the provisions of law. The specific payment method for each product will be determined specifically for each of those products, the Customer can choose one of the methods proposed by MSIG.
2. Customers and claimants are responsible for providing full and accurate information necessary for the payment settlement of MSIG.
3. MSIG shall not be liable for incidents, interruptions, errors arising in the payment process due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided by Customers, claimants; and for loss or damage, whether direct or indirect,  caused by incidents, interruptions, errors from payment services provided by third parties.


Article 7. Terms of compensation method

1. If any loss or damage occurs within the scope of insurance liability under this Contract, MSIG will perform the obligation to pay compensation in the following methods:
a) Compensation to the Insured or the Insured Beneficiary (if any).
b) Other methods as agreed in writing between the parties, in accordance with the law on insurance business (not applicable to health insurance).
 2. Compensation payment method: Bank transfer to the bank account registered or notified by the Customer to MSIG.

Article 8. Enforcement Provisions

1. In addition to the above, the rights and obligations of the Customer will also be governed by the  Insurance Contract/Policy and other agreements (if any) between the Customer and MSIG, the Security and Privacy Notice published on the Application. MSIG reserves the right to update the above Notice on the Application from time to time as it deems necessary. Customers should check the Apps regularly for the latest updates.
2. This clause shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, which is an integral part of the Insurance Contract(s) and takes effect according to the validity of the Insurance Contract. In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and other provisions in the Insurance Contract, this Terms shall prevail. Matters not covered by these Provisions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Insurance Contract and any other agreements between both parties (if any).
3. Contact Information
For questions, or to report cases of violations or fraud related to MSIG, please contact the information below:
Hotline: 0888176198
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Phone: +84 24 39369188
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