Toyota Motor Vietnam and MSIG Vietnam collaborate to launch an innovative solution to promote safe driving

Lexus 2
TMV and MSIG Vietnam has unveiled today an AI-based driving analytics attached to an app-based loyalty service. This customer-centric offering will be launched for automobile customers of TMV in the fall of 2020. With this innovated platform, TMV and MSIG Vietnam strive to create outstanding customers experience for Lexus insurance holders, and simultaneously promote safe driving behavior.
The AI-based loyalty program named LEXUS Safe Drive will come as a consumer app with an app-2-car connection to seamlessly connecting the insurance holder to start with driving diagnostics, which can help to provide real time assessment of driving behavior. Through the app, the car user gets gamified information about his driver’s driving in real-time and can directly earn points by driving more safely. The higher the score, the greater the reward. The application can help to let you know how safe you are in your car. Drivers driving at a higher risk are encouraged to adjust their behavior.
Moreover, with this solution, MSIG Vietnam will be able to identify risk groups at a much greater depth to accurately calculate existing and future real-time damage costs and new ways to directly reward customers who regularly have safe trips.
"The collaboration between TMV and MSIG Vietnam will drive both digital innovation and most importantly, contribute to improve social safety in Vietnam following our corporate mission and corporate social responsibility policy." says Mr. Yujiro Sobajima, General Director, MSIG Vietnam.
TMV and MSIG Vietnam have established a long-lasting strategic partnership to provide Japanese premium quality auto-insurance services to Lexus customers. With this new innovative loyalty program, Lexus and MSIG aspire to become the pioneers to create a seamless customer experience: from exceptional luxury automotive products to hassle-free, convenient insurance services. It is also a collaborative effort to offer a powerful tool for Lexus car owners to have better and safer road trips.
Leveraging Lexus’s commitment of continuously bringing incompatible concepts into harmonious existence, and MSIG’s 100 years of history around the world with high focus on unceasing enhancement of customer experience, with this customer-focused loyalty program, Lexus and MSIG are well on their way to build up a comprehensive experience for Vietnamese customers.
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