Bailees Liability Insurance

Bailees Liability Insurance


The Insurer agrees to indemnify the Insured for all amounts which the Insured (Includes Carrier’s liability and/or Warehouseman’s liability) shall become legally liable to pay consequent upon accidental physical loss of or damage to the Property of others which occurs within the Geographical Limit stated in the Policy during the Period of Insurance.


The indemnity expressed in this Policy will not apply to the Insured's liability for loss, damage or destruction to:

  • Property of the Insured or any servant or agent of the Insured whilst in the course of his/her duties as such,
  • Bullion, cash, jewellery, precious stones, precious metals, accounts, bills, and other valuable documents,
  • Arising from the wilful illegal sale of or the wilful conversion and/or wilful or wrongful secretion of property by the Insured, the Insured's employees and/or any person,
  • Etc.